What is uberBLACK?

Uber black taxi is app, which created for those users who appreciate increased comfort rapid movement and increased security.

You can try this service free. For this, you must only receive the promo code. Uber Black created for people whose main objective - the rapid movement of a higher level of comfort and security. There is only foreign cars E and S classes of no more than 3 years with experienced drivers. Cars such as the BMW 5 or 7, Mercedes E or S, Audi A6 or A8 and so on. The average cost of a trip is expensive, but the cars here is really cool. Uber black - is your comfort and reliability. Try it now!


Vehicle Requirements

Uber black is high-end car service. Uber limits the quantity of Black autos that can be dynamic in a business sector to keep costs and request high. With the other Uber administrations, you can apply whenever and begin when you finish the application procedure. In any case, with the Black administration, you can just begin the application procedure if Uber is tolerating new vehicles. From numerous points of view, the Black framework is much the same as the taxi emblem framework. Dark records are scarce to the point that a few people wind up offering their Black records for enormous cash.

In case you want to break into the Black business sector, you will first need to see whether Uber is tolerating new Black drivers. Email Uber support until they let you know whether they are tolerating new drivers. That way, you will not experience all the bother and cost of making sense of business enlistment and protection if there are no spaces open.

Odds are, your business sector is not tolerating new Black vehicles, however that does not mean you cannot drive for Uber Black. The nearby uniform business sector, which is as of now paying for business enrollment and protection, has the experience and the funding to fill any open Uber Black spaces. On the off chance that that is the situation in your general vicinity, you can discover employments driving Black autos for individuals with Black records. Normally the proprietor offers to cover protection costs, and you pay for your own gas. They include you as a driver their Uber Black record, and you lease the auto on a week after week or regular schedule. Most offer to part charges with you 50/50. On the off chance that your business sector is sufficiently occupied, you can wind up making more than and Uber X driver without worrying about your own auto deteriorating and you do not need to stress over paying for costly business protection.

Just a modest bunch of bigger extravagance autos and SUVs meet all requirements for the Uber Black administration. The auto must be in incredible condition with dark paint and a dark inside.


Qualifying Sedans:

  • Audi A6, A7;
  • BMW 5 Series;
  • Cadillac XTS;
  • Infiniti Q70;
  • Jaguar XF;
  • Lexus GS;
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The full-sized extravagance models like Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8, and Lexus LS additionally qualify to be an Uber Black auto.

Vehicle transitioning: When your auto gets excessively old for Black

After a vehicle turns out to be excessively old (more established than five years in many markets), it no more qualifies as an Uber Black auto and is renamed as a lower-cost administration. Uber gets the maturing out procedure "transitioning." You can supplant your auto with a more up to date one and hold your status as a Black driver, however just on the off chance that you supplant it before the date gave by Uber. In the event that you hold up too long, you will not have the capacity to supplant your more seasoned auto and still be a Black driver.


Requirements for drivers

Business enrollment and protection are the primary prerequisites that recognize Uber Black from the other Uber administrations. The necessities underneath apply to California, however most states will have comparable prerequisites.

  • Driver's License;
  • Commercial Registration;
  • Commercial Insurance;
  • Vehicle Inspection;
  • Airport Permit, in a few urban areas;
  • Photos of the vehicle: front, back, side, and inside.

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