Uber Customer Service

Ridesharing administrations used to reprimand in the past for poor client administration, yet Uber is doing extraordinary in that field in the last couple of years. The same gadgets you use to book a ride, you can use to make inquiries to the organization. As a rule, it takes brisk for Uber to react.


Uber Customer Care

Uber client services viewed as a standout amongst the most devoted to the work of all ridesharing organizations. You can contact Uber in a few diverse ways. On the off chance that you settle on email, you can expect their answer in just two or three hours, which is quicker than the greater part of the other ridesharing organizations.


Step by step instructions to Contact Uber

On the off chance that you have an Uber account at their site, the least difficult path is to send them the inquiry by rounding out the structure athelp.uber.com. In the event that you are not a client, there is another way. You can send an email tosupport@uber.com, in spite of the fact that this sets aside more time for them to react.


Uber on Facebook

Then again, you can contact Uber taxi via Facebook or Twitter. Uber is accomplices with Facebook, so the clients can book a ride utilizing the Messenger application. In the event that you have an inquiry for Uber, you can send them a private message. Still, the speediest approach to contact them is by telephone.


Uber Contact Number

Besides, for emergency calls to Uber taxi, there is an extraordinary Uber number, which is accessible in 22 urban communities in the USA, right now (April 2016). By dialing 800-353-UBER (that's 800-353-8237), you can reach the crisis administration for reporting major issues about rides.


Uber Panic Button

Uber urges you to call this number just if there should arise an occurrence of crisis while utilizing its administration.

In different nations, similar to India, for instance, Uber has a frenzy catch as a piece of their product, which you can squeeze when you need to report a terrible ride.

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