Uber Croatian Coast Prices

Uber Flat Rates in Croatian Coast

From To uberX
Dubrovnik_gruz_geofence Dubrovnik_pilee_geofence 55,00 HRK
Dubrovnik_center Srd_geofence 100,00 HRK
Novalja_geofence Zrce_geofence 100,00 HRK
Trogir_wider_area Ciovo_geofence 125,00 HRK
Zadar_geofence Zadar_airport_geofence 150,00 HRK
Zrce_geofence Stara_novalja_geofence 150,00 HRK
Dubrovnik_Airport_Geofence Dubrovnik_geofence 180,00 HRK
Pag_city_geofence Zrce_geofence 200,00 HRK
Split_geofence_FromCityToAirPort Split_airport_geofence 225,00 HRK
Split_geofence_FromCityToAirPort Trogir_geofence 250,00 HRK
Zrce_geofence Lun_geofence 250,00 HRK
Sibenik_geofence Zadar_geofence 700,00 HRK
Novalja_greater_area_geofence Zadar_airport_geofence 750,00 HRK
Zadar_greater_area_geofence Novalja_greater_area_geofence 750,00 HRK
Split_greater_area Sibenik_geofence 800,00 HRK
Split_and_airport_geofence Makarska_geofence 800,00 HRK
Tisno_geofence Split_greater_area 1.000,00 HRK
Split_greater_area Zadar_greater_area_geofence 1.300,00 HRK
Novalja_greater_area_geofence Split_airport_geofence 1.500,00 HRK
Split_greater_area Novalja_greater_area_geofence 1.500,00 HRK
Dubrovnik_greater_area_geofence Split_greater_area 1.500,00 HRK
Dubrovnik_Airport_Geofence Split_greater_area 1.700,00 HRK
Novalja_greater_area_geofence Zagreb_greater_area 2.000,00 HRK
Dubrovnik_greater_area_geofence Novalja_greater_area_geofence 4.000,00 HRK

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